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Set up in August 2012 and was based at The Ashton Town Football Club, but now relocated to The Diamond Community Center, the Radio Club was founded by Peter ‘M0RGN’ and his wife Elaine ‘M6CLB’ (SK) with a view to promoting the fascinating world of Amateur Radio to the wider community. 

We have various equipmet  at our disposal with which to talk to the world.

Below are links to the main RSGB Web site where more information can be gained as to each licence progression within Amateur Radio.

Please Note! No equipment is left on site.

Below you will see the difference from the venue we left, which had loads of space on the ouside, to our current venue, where we have loads of spaceon the inside.

This can be put to good use from big projects such as antenna building, to small projects such as constuction of Baluns and Pixie CW Circuits ETC

Also a massive room for exam sitting.

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